Currently VP Products at SignalDemand, an analytics startup for commodity manufacturers. Previously VP Product Management at SAP. where I was most recently leading a project to create a disruptive technology in the area of business analytics, leveraging graph databases, search, in-memory columnar databases, machine learning and mobility (several patents pending – was pretty cool stuff). I’ve led product management for OutlookSoft (post acquisition), been involved in a huge amount of M&A and partnership transactions/evaluations, ran the Data & Analytics technology strategy for SAP, had roles in sales operations, architecture & engineering. I also spent 5 years in consulting where I worked for a ton of different companies. I’ve worked in basically all areas of Enterprise Analytics (Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Big Data, Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Information Management, Analytic Applications, Data Mining / Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics).

I’m going to be writing about Product Management mostly, but will also cover analytics and startups too. I live in the SF Bay Area. husband, dad, car guy, interested in startups & VC, space, enterprise software, analytics, technology, stronglifts, and anything innovative that piques my interest. I’m currently getting my MBA, but don’t hold it against me – I can code, and I’m only doing the MBA to accelerate getting a green card (7 years and counting on visas!).

As for the name of the blog, it’s what my friend in high school used to call me, and one day when I randomly mentioned it to my wife, she got quite a good laugh out of it saying it was particularly fitting. So I figure I’ll just own it.


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